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Going green is a very important step that everyone will need to take if we are to save the planet we live on. While I don't want to sound like an old hippy, this is a fact. The impact of human activity on this planet is too much and it is everyone's responsibility to do something about it. This blog will contain all of my green energy tips along with some advice on ways you can modify your home and reduce your carbon footprint. I do not work in the green energy industry, but I have spent many hours talking with experts and carrying out my own research online.

Proper Asbestos Disposal in Skip Bins


When it comes to proper waste disposal, removing asbestos in a safe and efficient manner is a top concern. Asbestos can cause significant health complications when disposed of in the wrong way. This is because asbestos-containing materials can release harmful fibres that cause multiple respiratory diseases. In fact, asbestos fibres have been shown to puncture the lungs and result in lung disease and various types of cancer.

If you have asbestos to get rid of on your property, skip bin services offer special types of skips that are specifically suited for asbestos disposal. Safely using these skip bins will depend on your adherence to asbestos removal procedures as well as the quality of the skip bin services.

Asbestos weight limit

Most asbestos skip bins have a weight limit of 150kg per cubic meter. These skips can hold both residential and commercial asbestos waste and are specifically designed only to hold asbestos-containing materials (and no other waste).

This allows for people handling asbestos to be aware of all the items that need to be handled with caution. When asbestos materials are mixed with other items, they might be taken as being regular waste and cause asbestos fibres to be released into the surrounding air.

What can go in

To prepare an asbestos bin hired from skip bin services, the bin must be lined with PVC orange/black builder's plastic. The lining should be a double layer that has enough over hang to enclose all the asbestos within the skip bin itself.  Once the items are placed therein, they should be sealed with industry tape during transportation so that fibres don't escape into the atmosphere.

With these precautions in mind, items such as fibro sheeting, corrugated roofing materials, ceiling tiles, and window caulking can be disposed of in the asbestos skip bin. Working with the right skip bin services can ensure that all the materials are properly loaded and sealed inside the skip before transportation.

What can't go in

It is important not to put other materials into the asbestos skip bin. It can be quite dangerous to the waste disposal personnel to mix asbestos with non-asbestos materials. Make sure other waste products are separated from the asbestos waste at all times.

Materials that often contain asbestos

In addition to the materials mentioned above, other items in the home may also contain asbestos that needs to be removed. In older homes, items such as window caulking and sealant, duct insulation and roofing materials may contain asbestos.

Homeowners who dispose of such items via skip bins should establish if those materials contain asbestos so they can acquire the right type of skip bin services. 


2 January 2018